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Salisbury Doctor Says Pollen Will Increase for Next Two Weeks

SALISBURY, Md.-All around Delmarva and in many parts of the country, this past winter was long, bitterly cold and often referred to as the 'Polar Vortex.'

Now the 'Pollen Vortex' arrives full force.

"It makes me laugh, but it made me believe it, just because of how bad my symptoms have started to be," said, Cathy Jones of Princess Anne.

"I try not to go out as much," she said,  "because I know my symptoms will just get worse. I can keep it at bay if I can try and stay out of the pollen while it's at it's height."

That's exactly the course of action Dr. Michael Kelleher of Eastern Shore ENT & Allergy said that many allergy sufferers may have to take for the next two weeks.

"It is largely happening every year, but some years if you have a consistently damp wet spring we don't notice it as much because it's knocked out of the air," Kelleher said.

Kelleher explained that when there is no moisture in the air, the yellow powdery stuff is here to stay longer.

"When you have dry and particularly breezy conditions, that gets the trees moving and it gets all of that pollen airborne," he said.

Kelleher also added that the tree pollen is with us for another month. He recommended that those who like to take morning walks should hold off on doing that until after 8 a.m. especially on a dry, windy May day.

According to the popular health website, WebMD, fall and spring are not the only time for allergies to kick in, the summer season can also bring with it plenty of allergens.

Weeds like rag weed arrive in August and can travel for hundreds of miles depending on the winds. And some grasses like blue grass and orchard can also trigger seasonal allergies.

Below is a list of all of the other allergy causing triggers that can be expected to be present as the summer season nears.

Russian thistle

Red Top
Sweet vernal
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