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Ocean City Considers Smoking Restrictions For Beach and Boardwalk

OCEAN CITY, Md.-Several beach communities up and down Delmarva have smoking bans or restrictions at the beaches and Ocean City is looking into joining them.

The city council has agreed it's time to come up with a plan but aren't sure exactly what it will entail. Long-time Ocean City visitor Andrea Grimes says she's all for a smoking ban on the beach.

"I would like that, I just, when we come down here in the summer and it's wall to wall people on the beach I would hate to be next to a smoker," she said,

For other, it's not the smoking itself that bothers them, it's the cigarette butts people leave behind.

"I'm not really concerned with the smoking on the boardwalk, or beach, but the butts are a nuisance," Stephanie Khoulhearis said.

City officials have until this fall to develop a plan to deal with smoking on the beach and boardwalk. But if Terrence Wentworth-Huntington had his way, he wouldn't change a thing.

"The way they're doing things like this, it's becoming more of a police state than the Soviet Union was, they're taking too many freedoms away from people," he said.

He's in favor of forcing people to clean up after themselves than an all out ban on smoking or restrictions.

"Just make it mandatory that people take an ash tray, even if it's a disposable type ash tray on the beach with them," Wentworth-Huntington said.

Whatever the plan is, Andrew Grimes doesn't think it'll hurt tourism.

"I don't think that stopping smoking in the bars has hurt the bars like they thought it might, so I don't think not smoking on beach will hurt," she said.

Whatever the plan ends up being, it will be implemented May 1, 2015.
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