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Study: Delaware Customers Leave the Worst Tips

DOVER, Del.- Delaware has the worst tippers in the nation. That’s according to a study released earlier this spring. The survey looked at credit card transactions across the nation. It found that when customers left a tip, people in Delaware left the lowest percentage at just 14%.

The survey was conducted by the company, Square, that provides businesses with card readers and an online marketplace.

Maryland Shultz has been serving tables at different restaurants for over 30 years. She’s currently a server and hostess at Capitol Diner in Dover.

"I love locking in with my customers,” said Shultz. “I'm very open-minded. I like to joke with them. I'm not an office person."

Her only complaint would be the bad tips.

"I've seen where you've done credit card tips and some of them don't tip ya and some don't pay but maybe a dollar per, so many five dollars,” added Shultz.

Like most servers, most of Shultz’s paycheck comes from tips. So low tips, hurt.

For some patrons in Delaware, there is a method to how much they plan on tipping.

"I try to tip at least 20% which to me it is also based on how you serve the person,” said Melanie Bereza from Camden.

She says she judges things like how the server greets her and waits on her and if they look after her needs.

"You try to be fair and try to accommodate the girl but you also want to be treated with respect,” said Bereza.

According to the survey, the U.S. average is 16.1 percent. The state with the best tippers was Alaska coming in at 17 percent. Other strong states were Arkansas and North Carolina.
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