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Clayton Residents Speak Out Against Basketball Hoop Rules

CLAYTON, Del.- Residents in Clayton are speaking out against rules that prohibit them from keeping their basketball hoops in front of their homes.

According to Clayton police, there is an ordinance in effect that states residents cannot have portable basketball hoops out on the streets. The ordinance does allow the hoops to be placed in the driveway of the home.

However, there is a deed for homeowners at the Providence Crossing development that according to residents states they cannot have the basketball hoops in their driveway as well.

Tangie Veney has been living her Clayton home for six years. She says a police officer came to her home Monday evening and asked her to move the basketball hoop out of the driveway. She says the officer told her that failure to do so would result in fines.

Mark Vass in another resident that was asked to take his hoop down. He too isn’t too happy about the rule.

“I don’t see it being trouble,” said Vass. “The kids are playing and having fun. That’s what it’s all about. It’s summer time. You can’t be cooped up in the house playing video games all the time.”

According to Vass, about 15-20 kids come out to his basketball hoop when the weather is nice to play. He believes it’s better to keep the kids occupied playing basketball then out on the streets causing trouble.

According to both residents, their options for keeping the basketball hoops would be to either bring it into their backyard or build a permanent court.

Veney says many people in the neighborhood cannot afford to build a permanent court. Her kids enjoy playing outside on their own court, especially because there is no where else for them to go to play basketball.

“It keeps the kids occupied,” said Veney. “It keeps the not teenagers but not little kids that’s too big to play on the playground an opportunity to get outside and have an activity to do.”

With summer days ahead, residents are hoping to fight this rule. They hope their kids will be able to play basketball from the comfort of their own home.

Residents say the officers told them they had until Friday to remove the hoops. According to the ordinance, failure to do so would result in a $50 fine for the first offense and $100 after that.

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