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Replicas of Columbus' Nina and Pinta Visit St. Michaels

ST. MICHAELS, Md.- There are two ships flying the Spanish flag in St. Michaels.  They aren't here to explore this time though, the Nina and the Pinta are here to educate.  Pete Lesher is the chief curator at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, which is hosting the ships through the week.

"The Pinta is a little bit larger than historical size, but the Nina is as close as they could come to recreation with historical records." said Lesher, going on to say that no blueprints existed for either ship.

Both the Nina and the Pinta offer a glimpse into the life aboard these small ships that made the months long journey to the New World.  To give you an idea of size, the Nina is only 65-feet=long and it's a far cry from the ships of today.  No steering wheel, instead; you just have a tiller to move the rudder.

On board, crew members give lessons about Columbus' voyage, and the age of exploration.  While the students and adults aboard are excited to get a first hand look at history, the crew, like first mate Vic Bickle, are excited about a new discovery.

"On the first voyage, only the Nina and Pinta returned.  The Santa Maria ran aground off of Hispaniola, which is now Haiti.  And now, as we were discussing earlier, there's a very good chance the wreck of the Santa Maria has been found." said Bickle.

A discovery which he says will help connect the dots of history.

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