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Survivors of Tornado Start Picking up the Pieces

CAMDEN, Del.- It’s one thing seeing tornado damage footage on television, but it is quite another to experience it. Some families in Camden were in the center of the storm’s path and now face recovery.

What was once a home is now a pile of wreckage from the tornado’s destructive path. Robert Dolga and Barbara Smith-Morlock lived at the home. Morlock says her husband warned her about the tornado. But she didn’t take him seriously.

We hear this all the time,” she said. “I ignored him and went about my chores."

That was a decision she would soon regret. When the tornado hit she was hiding inside the shed. When she rose from the rubble there was nothing left.

"When I seen the empty spot there which is just the cinder box I knew it was my home,” said Morlock. “I knew my husband was in that home."

Their neighbor Ronald Killen was right up the road and saw it all happen.

"I seen the trailer go airborn,” said Killen. “It spun like a football two or three times. The roof left it and went across the street and into the power lines and the trailer hit the ground and turned to that."

Killen says he didn’t have much time to think. His first reaction was to go and help.

"She came crawling out of the rubble screaming and hollering for help as I was almost at the house,” he remembers. “He wasn't responding. He was unconscious under the rubble. So we started calling his name looking around trying to locate him and he coughed and his wife was nearby and she located his foot."

Although Morlock is moving just fine, her husband has seen better days.

"We still haven't gotten all the test back to see what's wrong with him,” said Morlock. “He's not good. I mean his mind isn't right."

Although their home is destroyed this couple survived the EF-1 tornado and thankfully are alive to pick up the pieces.
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