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Alleged Victim Speaks Out on Bodenweiser Molestation

GEORGETOWN, Del.- On the second day of trial, the man who said former Delaware Senate candidate Eric Bodenweiser molested him as a young boy recounted the alleged abuse that spanned multiple years. He told the jury that Bodenweiser had molested him between 1987 and 1989, giving graphic details of forcible sex when he was between 10- and 12-years-old. 

When the accuser took the stand, the courtroom fell silent. There was a palpable discomfort as he spoke of the alleged molestation. Throughout the entire time he was up there, he did not look at Bodenweiser once. 

In 2012, Bodenweiser's run for the state Senate was derailed when the 37-year-old alleged victim claimed he was molested. In court Monday, he detailed five incidents of molestation, all of which happened inside Bodenweiser's home. He said that Bodenweiser, who was in his 20s at the time, had forced sex on the boy, threatening to fire his mother if he spoke out. 

"I couldn't understand why it kept happening," the alleged victim said on the stand. "And why he wanted me to do these things. I thought something was wrong with me." 

His attorneys asked him why he didn't speak out and he said it was out of fear and embarrassment. 

"I feared they would laugh at me," he said. "And make fun of me." 

Eventually at 17 years of age, he did tell his parents about the alleged abuse, but promised them he would say nothing about it to avoid embarrassment. However, he told the jury that he had to come clean when he saw that Bodenweiser was running for office. 

"I was tired of running from this," he said. 

"I didn't want him to be in another position of power," he said later on in the testimony.

The defense has not yet cross-examined the accuser, but outside the courtroom, attorney Joe Hurley said the accuser's credibility was in question.

"They are fanciful delusions," he said of his accusations. 

He told WBOC that the alleged incidents never happened. He said the accuser has contradicted himself many times, changing his story of the abuse.

"He's given different statements in between that are like night and day," Hurley said. "Heavy and light. Black and white. Like that. Shocking like 'what?' That's what you'll see." 

Monday, the state also called three other witnesses. The first called was the accuser's good friend from high school, who said that she was informed of the abuse by the alleged victim in the mid-90s. 

The state also called a state trooper and a local radio talk show host, both of which talked about receiving the call from the accuser about the molestation in October of 2012.  

On Friday, the state called Bodenweiser's Pastor Duane Smith, who said that his congregate and friend confessed to the molestation while in a meeting in his office. 
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