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Dorchester County Leaders and Watermen Continuing to Fight State Oyster Project

CAMBRIDGE, Md.- It's been one month since the blockade in the Little Choptank.  Samples were taken, shirts were made, but still, fossilized shells are being dumped in the river.

Scott Todd, the leader of last month's protest, says he is still disgusted about what he recovered from the barge.

"If it was just this stuff (showing us a clean shell), maybe we would go along with it but that's kind of why we've stopped the talks with them is because it's not this stuff (showing us a bucket of muddy shells), but this is actually what it is, and this hasn't been modified or altered at all since I got it out of the barge." said Todd

Testing is still being done on the shells taken from the barge.  Todd in the meantime has been working the political channels, but not to much success.

"It seems like we haven't made much headway, we've been to everybody, all our eastern shore state senators, all the delegates, all the county commissioners, and we even went to the sheriff.  And it's just amazing that nobody seems to be able to turn this around or even slow it down."

But district five county commissioner Tom Bradshaw says they want to make sure they have all the evidence in order, so if it goes to court, it won't be dismissed like last week's Menhaden case.

"You're looking at us being David, and them being Goliath.  They have infinite resources, i.e. the taxpayer's money to fight things like this." said Bradshaw

He says the goal is to make sure, continuing the analogy, that the sling hits it's mark the first time, and brings a halt to the project.

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