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WWII Veteran Recalls D-Day Invasion

BERLIN, Md - A 90-year-old World War II veteran, John Sauer of Berlin. sat down with WBOC to recount the D-Day invasion that took place 70 years ago on Friday.

For Sauer, the violence of D-Day began even before he reached Ohama Beach on Normandy.

"The landing barge that we came in on hit a sand bar and it dropped the gate.  29 men perished.  I was the only survivor," said Sauer.

Sauer said he went deep underwater and was able to make it to the beach while avoiding bullets that were being fire into the ocean.

"The coreman said to us, don't move or anything, just lay down with the bodies because there were bodies everywhere. Blood everywhere.  The water was red."

Sauer said he only remembers about 15 minutes of his time on the beach before he was hit in the back and head with shrapnel that knocked him unconscious.  Sauer said several days later, while recovering from his injuries, he volunteered to leave to go and help liberate a concentration camp in Germany.  Upon arriving, Sauer said the radio man called in the coordinates of the German soldier barracks in the camp.

"One of ships set the bombs in, killed them all.  Leveled the building right to the ground."

Sauer said after the German soldiers were cleared out of the camp, the Allied Troops went to save as many people as they could.

"500 people in that building and they were getting ready to gas them because they were blowing the horn and all and somebody told us, and we went in there and stopped that," said Sauer.

Just 19 at the time, John Sauer grew up very quickly experiencing so much during the war.  And despite everything taking place seven decades ago, Sauer said he will never forget a single moment.

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