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Drink Special Creating Debate in Dewey Beach

DEWEY BEACH, Del. - Every Tuesday night, hundreds flock to Northbeach Bar and Restaurant in Dewey Beach, to enjoy the $1 drink special. While many people argue this is just a good time, the police department has announced that it has become overwhelmed because of it. 

At Dewey Beach's most recent commissioners meeting, Police Chief Sam Mackert as well as Sgt. Cliff Dempsey told the town leaders there is a growing problem in the area around that bar on Tuesday nights. They told the mayor and commissioners their police force, of eight full-time officers, is being overwhelmed by the sometimes rowdy crowds. 

Mayor Diane Hanson said the concerns were heard by the town. The police department didn't go so far as to blame the rowdiness solely on the drink specials, but Hanson said the correlation is obvious.  

"When they let out at 1:00 in particular is when the problem starts," she said. "Because you have 800 plus people coming out of this place all at the same time who have been drinking one dollar drinks all night. It's not a safe situation for the police because they're grossly outnumbered." 

These crowds have lead to multiple fights, according to the police department. On June 4th, there was one especially dramatic fight at a Wawa in Lewes that was captured on surveillance video. To see that video, you can watch Lindsay Tuchman's report at http://www.wboc.com/story/25705517/brawl-at-lewes-wawa-caught-on-tape

According to police, many of the people involved in the brawl had come from Northbeach. 

WBOC reached out to the Northbeach ownership, but was told they were unable to talk. They have communicated to town officials like Hanson though that it is unfair to blame their bar for all the rowdiness. Some like Michael Vough agree, saying that these drink specials are important in bringing people to Dewey Beach. 

"It's a free market..." he said. "If they want to charge one dollar drinks and people want to pay for it, I think it's great. It's capitalism at it's best.

Visitor Renee Robinson agreed, saying that Dewey Beach is a "party town."

"I kinda feel like if you're coming to Dewey, you know what you're getting," she said. "When you come to Dewey, it's a party town. It's known for being a very social place."

Others though like father Charles Hughes said these specials bring the wrong crowd to town.  

"My concerns are as I'm getting older that people are drinking and binge drinking too heavily," he said. "And I think a dollar a beer or a dollar a cocktail is certainly perpetuating that."

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