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Immigration Crisis Hits Home in Kimmeytown


WASHINGTON, DC - President Barack Obama called for nearly $4 billion from Congress Tuesday in order to address the growing immigration crisis on the Mexican border. The United States have apprehended more than 50,000 children and teenagers trying to cross the border illegally in less than nine months. 

The children that are caught, are deported back to their country unless they face an imminent threat there. However first these children must go through a long deportation process that could take years. This backlog of children being kept in facilities to be processed has created debate amongst advocates on both sides of the fence. 

Obama has requested $3.7 billion in order to speed up the process, and also to provide safer conditions to those children, while they await their hearings. 

Most of this conflict is occurring thousands of miles away from Delmarva, but the issue is resonating emotionally for those who immigrated themselves from the region. 

Sarbelia Sandoval Ramirez walked the streets of Kimmeytown with her three children Tuesday. After 23 long years in the United States, she reflects on what it was like in her native country of Guatemala. 

"I've seen murder," she said in Spanish. "Rape. And for that reason I came here to this country. And thank god I had my three kids here. And they are better here." 

Ramirez told WBOC that many of the immigrants from the region are crossing the border out of pure necessity. 

"There are kids that are abandoned without a mother or a father," she said. "They're orphans. And so they come here. It's to study. Because there the education isn't as sufficient as here. This is the goal of the kids who come here. To have success." 

Nationwide though, there are a lot of advocates who have called for stricter policies on the border. In Murrieta, California, a busload of immigrant children were met by protesters who said they should be deported in a more timely manner. 

Duke Brooks from the Sussex County GOP said that illegal immigration should not be tolerated. 

"Immigration into this country must be orderly, it must be defined, and it must be legal," he said. "And people simply crashing the border - whether the U.S. government says it approves of it or not - I believe the majority of Americans find this to be very contrary to our country's national interests."

The GOP has called for the president to take a stronger stance against illegal immigration, arguing that the perceived or real weakness of the border has sent the wrong message to potential new immigrants from Central America. 

"The fact of the matter is that to allow anyone that simply wants to show up," he said. "To allow them to come in - this would lead to a series of potentially serious problems in our country." 

Others like Bartolo Hernandez Silvestre, also from Kimmeytown said that the whole debate is politics.

"We are humans," he said. "With the title of humans. With feelings, liberty, rights. In all the world, we have this title of human beings. And with kids even more so."

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