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Dorchester County Considers Abandoning Road

 CROCHERON, Md.-  To the visitor, Phillips Gunning Club road is not in the best of shape.  It's got potholes that will put your suspension to work and make your cd player skip, and it has some sections where it looks like there might not be a road at all in a couple of years.  But with the county considering possibly abandoning it, people in Crocheron say that it's a gem of the community that should be kept intact.

Driving down the road is no picnic.  Culverts are in desperate need of attention, there are pot holes that can make you bounce quite a bit, and in some areas, the road is starting to become more a part of the bay than it is still a road.

But those are just minor blemishes to people like George Bushell, who enjoy having it in their back yard.

"I go down there literally every day.  Fishing or sightseeing or watching the sunset.  I don't know how many sunsets i've seen down there but it's one of the most beautiful places on earth, it's gotta be." said Bushell.

But those blemishes are costly, and the county council is looking at abandoning the road because they say the costs of doing required maintenance far outweigh the money they get from the road's tax base, which amounts to just under 70 dollars annually.

"Right now there's some cross pipe that needs to be replaced, some stone replacement, going to have to have permits, going to have to have mitigation.  Just to keep it where it is now with some stone and replacing the culverts would cost anywhere from 400 to 500 thousand dollars." said council president Jay Newcomb.

But to Michael Dawson, one of the signers of the petition, this isn't just a road, it's part of the area's heritage.  He says there should be money to keep it open.

"I don't think it's fair to us to do that.  After we've paid taxes for that road for all the years, and then they say they don't have the money to fix it?" said Dawson.

Newcomb says if the road is abandoned, the locals have nothing to worry about because it won't be closed.  It will still be accessible, just not maintained as regularly.  The abandonment would only occur on the dirt section of the road, at a total length of 6,000 plus feet.

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