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U.S. Sen. Carper Discusses Ebola, ISIS

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U.S. Sen. Tom Carper (R-Delaware) is shown Tuesday during a visit to the WBOC NewsPlex in Salisbury. (Photo: WBOC) U.S. Sen. Tom Carper (R-Delaware) is shown Tuesday during a visit to the WBOC NewsPlex in Salisbury. (Photo: WBOC)

SALISBURY, Md.- U.S. Sen. Tom Carper says he believes the government's responses to Ebola and ISIS have been appropriate so far. The Democratic senator from Delaware shared his thoughts Tuesday on some of the biggest issues the nation is currently facing.

With the first Ebola case being diagnosed within the U.S., and ISIS - which refers to itself as the Islamic State - continuing to wreak havoc in Syria and Iraq, many Americans are concerned about what measures the government is taking to address those threats.

In a visit to WBOC's NewsPlex in Salisbury, Carper - who is the chair of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee- was asked if the government's response to Ebola has been adequate to date. The senator pointed out that the Ebola virus is very difficult to catch and spread and said it is a "very old disease" that has been around for decades. That said, he believes the government is taking appropriate measures by quarantining individuals who show symptoms of Ebola.

Carper also noted that the government needs to ensure that it can keep track of travelers from countries where Ebola is a problem. He said this is particularly important for people who have had extended stays in another country between their countries of origin and the U.S.

The senator also stressed the importance of prevention and expressed a desire that the government, working together with pharmaceutical companies, will come up with a vaccination or a cure, or both, in the near future.     

Carper was also asked how concerned he is about the threat of ISIS, and whether the U.S. should put troops on the ground to combat the terror group.

"If ISIS is to be stopped you'll need boots on the ground, but whose boots?" Carper said, adding that he believes the Kurds and Iraqis should take the lead in battling ISIS. He said the U.S. should be part of a coalition of nations that provide assistance to the Iraqis and Kurds.

Carper, who is Delaware's senior senator, said if there was a move to put troops on the ground to combat ISIS, "that would be a different story," and would be sure to foster a great debate in Congress.

WBOC Dover Bureau Chief Mike Chesney contributed to this report.

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