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Atlantic General Hospital Prepared for Ebola

BERLIN, Md.-The second and latest case of Ebola in Texas has left nurses, and the general public on Delmarva wondering whether hospitals on Delmarva are prepared to deal with an ebola outbreak.  

Atlantic General Hospital Medical Director Stephen Waters said Atlantic General is prepared for ebola.

"I can tell you with full confidence I'm not scared at all. I think there is more risk of an American dying with the flu then there is with ebola. I think we all need to be prepared, but I don't think we should be scared," said Waters. 

Atlantic General is training their staff to recognize the symptoms, isolate the patient, and properly put on their protective gear.
Waters said small teams would respond to a case, and the training process is ongoing.

"The process is beginning now where we're doing small batches. We have to do it at different times a day, because of the shifts that the nurses have. We also have to do it not just in the hospital, but also in our outpatient clinics, because remember they could walk in anybody's door," said Waters.

The staff is stocked with protective garbs. They would put them on and take them off inside the patients room. 

The isolation room they've chosen is a negative pressure room located in the ER. The negative pressure room helps prevents cross contamination of the disease. 

Nurse Colleen Wareing explained the disposal process of the materials that could have come in contact with ebola. 

"It is treated like medical waste, and at this point our understanding from the CDC is that stool, and urine can be flushed. It should be disinfected first, and then flushed. We do have a procedure we've established for that. We also will be placing all of our trash in a biohazard bag," said Wareing. 

Atlantic General said nationwide a proposal is in the works to designate a specific hospital state by state to treat ebola patients.
Waters is unsure if they would treat an ebola patient at Atlantic General.  

"We kind of hope that would happen, because we think the best trained facility would be the best to take care of the patient, and protect the staff. If someone walks in the door we can handle and isolate them, and then we'll see what happens. Are we going to treat them here, or are we going to transfer? We're not really sure of that yet," said Waters. 

At this time Atlantic General feels confident that they are prepared to handle a case of ebola. 

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