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Salisbury Police Issue Tasers to Officers

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SALISBURY, Md.- The Salisbury Police Department says that it has begun the pilot program to evaluate the use of Tasers by its officers.

Police say the deployment of Tasers by the Salisbury Police Department comes after extensive research, training, and support from the Mayor and City Council.  The Salisbury Police Department now joins the group of other law enforcement agencies on the Eastern Shore that utilizes Tasers including police in Princess Anne, Pocomoke, and Ocean City.  According to the Salisbury Police Department, studies have shown that the availability of a Taser may deter violent behavior and reduce injuries to both suspects and officers.

Chris McIntosh of Salisbury said he is fully on-board with officers in Salisbury having a Taser at their disposal.

"I don't see any issue with police officers being equipped with tasers.  I think it is a good tool for them to have," said McIntosh.

The Salisbury Police Department says officers are required to complete a certified training course prior to receiving the Taser. Police say officers will be issued a Taser that audio and video records the event whenever the Taser is utilized.

According to the Salisbury Police Department,, they will monitor the use of the Tasers for a one year period during the pilot program and report back to the Mayor and City Council on whether this tool is a good fit for the officers and community members.

Edward Cole is member of the Salisbury community and said he does not need a pilot program to know the idea of Tasers does not sit well with him.

"When they tase you with a taser, they are putting anywhere from 1500 to 15,000 volts in you.  When you got electricity going through your body like that, there is a chance you could die from that."   

The city of Salisbury authorized the purchase of nine Tasers earlier this year for about $12,500.  Despite the concerns Edward Cole of Salisbury may have, Tasers are now a new tool for the Salisbury Police Department.
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