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President of Punkin Chunkin Resigns


BRIDGEVILLE, Del. - There's been a shakeup in leadership at Punkin Chunkin and also discussion about bringing the event back to Sussex County. About a month after the November tradition was canceled for 2014, the president of the organization is stepping down calling the actions of some members "shameful."

According to some people, president of Punkin Chunkin organization, John Huber, lived and breathed Punkin Chunkin for years, but in his resignation letter, he said a change was needed.

"I am resigning this year," said Huber in his letter to all members. "Not for the bullies in the organization because they don't scare me or add any value to you, they are shameful."

Later he continued saying that it was "time for the blamers to find a new target."

Acting President Ricky Nietubicz said that certain members were critical of Huber for the cancellation.

"Like in any large organization there's always going to be some disagreements among members," he said. "Obviously the cancellation of the event was something that caused a significant amount of disappointment not just within the organization, but outside as well."

In his letter, Huber admitted the cancellation contributed to a lot of the conflict.

"Sad to see that at the sign of severe weather," he said. "We burn the ship and blame the crew."

The next Punkin Chunkin is set for November 6-8 in 2015. The organization has signed a contract with The Dover International Speedway, however they have a small window of one to two months in which they can pull out of the agreement if they get a better deal.

Chairman of the Land Prospect Committee with Punkin Chunkin, Rita O'Neill, WBOC that they would pull out during this window if they could find a field to rent in Sussex County. She said they are looking for a field that is 600 to 1,000 acres with a one mile clear shot. She said the organization prefers Sussex County due to its origins there, but are willing to hear all offers.

To volunteer a space, landowners should call O'Neill at 443-497-6722 or email her at


Fully Copy of Letter:

Fellow Chunkers,

Our next meeting is Nov Sat the 1st. IF you are interested in the details of what happened this year than you should come to this meeting. Lots of details that is just stuff one can't send out to the public, nothing scathing just the facts. I would suspect it will be the most informative meeting yet.

Where are we now?

Last week under our bylaw process I enacted a Land Prospect Committee. Rita O'Neill is leading this committee. Rita has endless energy and a heart of gold, if a solution exist, she will find it. Rita just offered to step up and do this so I already know some will say "Why did you not do that last year" .

We are still committed to DIS as they have been very supportive to us and we lack any other options to date. I have asked the DIS Leadership if they would support us looking for larger land and partnering to bring all the awesome resources they bring to the table meaning if we find a farm, will they help us. They are very interested. Things like Ticket management, promotions, call center support, ad sales and sponsorship are things they bring that can really help this organization grow it's mission. They have been good to us and we should consider their support going forward. IF larger land is not found they are very willing to help us meet our goals in 2015. We thank them for their open support.

Why is it the organization did not form a committee sooner? Poor leadership and all that Facebook stuff in rants...

I think we did, we said for a full year this was coming and said if any member knows of land that exist to tell us. Guys like Brian Labare or whatever his name is are mad we did not take "his" advice and move the chunk to Mars but this lacks a real plan on how you get hundreds of volunteers to support moving the chunk to some state way away from it's roots. I am sure every sporting type events have their bloated heroes who think just because they won a prize they slept in a Holiday Inn express last night and know what it takes to manage an event this size. Cracks me up....


I am resigning this year. Not for the bullies in this organization because they don't scare me or add any value to you, they are shameful. I am resigning because I just don't need it, I held this position for the best of the chunk always, always first... I don't care about the pat on the back that some need to lead. I have always put the chunk and it's interest first, No facts will ever show different. I loved this event and the team we built. This event went from a one man band patting himself on the back for little effort to an empowered organization that worked very well as a team. I am very proud of this team. They busted their butts for all of you. Sad to see that at the sign of severe weather, we burn the ship and blame the crew. Weather (Law Suit) not only not created by the leadership but in fact fought for years to prevent. Like I said I have 4 full weeks vacation invested in fixing this, but to some it is never enough. That is why it's time for me to go. IT is also time for the blamers to find a new target.

I look forward to just being a chunker in 2015 after the smart guys solve the problems. IT will be great!

Come to the meeting!

For all the Kirk Lawsons, Bruce Lawsons, Brian Labares, and others who do nothing to help the event, come hear the reasons... IF you still disagree, add constructive alternatives... or just stay home and post clueless rants on facebook or my email.

My Hope is that this organization will elect someone who will put in the time needed to deal with the attributes of moving this event, the business planing in a complex year, and the legal issues facing us.


This is somewhat of a bit of history I will miss. I started the newsletter 12 years ago frustrated that teams that were not from Sussex county never knew what was going on and what things were changing. This is likely my last, I will miss it and all the great people who respond. I am just tired. I loved producing the Newsletter, no clue if it will continue. Thanks for 12 years of support from teams that are not self serving or think this event is all about them... Kinda Gross....

Peace, It will be fun to go back to being a chunker... I look forward to it! My Team will be happy to see it for sure!

John Huber

Retiring President, WCPCA


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