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A Closer Look at Cambridge's Maryland Avenue "Green Gateway"

 CAMBRIDGE, Md.- Out with the old and in with the new.  This doesn't look like your normal sidewalk.  That's because it's made out of pervious concrete according to Brent Jett, an assistant city engineer for Cambridge.  He says this sidewalk is just one step of many to make the street more green.

"We're trying to make it a little bit greener.  We're trying to give it a road diet.  Making a lot of the impervious area pervious.  It will have a traffic calming effect," said Jett.

The pervious bricks being used on the road and concrete on the sidewalk will absorb runoff, and stones under the ground will filter out any pollutants that would otherwise wind up in the bay.  In all, it's estimated to eliminate 10 pounds each of nitrogen and phosphorous runoff into the bay, and 3 tons of suspended solids like oil and trash each year.

And the pavement can absorb the water quickly.  We poured several gallons of water on the sidewalk, which seeped into the concrete in seconds.

Jett says one side of the road is almost done, the other side is just getting started.

"Right now we're going through the excavation of this, we're taking out the existing sidewalk and a little bit of what's underneath it.  You can see the little key trench, that's going to be where the under drain is," said Jett.

Topping it off are bump outs, which come spring will be home to rain gardens.

And it's not just the green impact this will have that has locals excited, but also what it will feel like to visitors driving down the beautiful street.

"I think they are going to like everything and see that we put a lot of work into it.  And hopefully it's going to bring everyone down here to shop," said Katie Smith, owner of Katie Mae's Country Shoppe downtown.

Just one of the many goals the city hopes to accomplish with this green gateway.

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