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Milford Debating Trash Collection


MILFORD, De. - Mayor Bryan Shupe said there has been a "standoff" of sorts between the city and certain neighbors over trash collection. The debate all centers around an ordinance which was passed by council in August.

The ordinance, which came into effect in October was meant to even out the playing field, and make it so that all citizens were paying their fair share. It instructed trash collectors to only pick up the garbage inside the bin, mandating that all other items be paid for through an additional fee.

While the majority of residents have followed the new ordinance, the city said they have ran into problems due to some people ignoring the process. As a result, these residents have left their trash sitting on the sidewalks, creating an eye-sore.

Others such as the family of Jose Alvarado of Milford didn't know about the change in trash collection.

"It's been sitting out here a few weeks now," Alvarado said as he pointed down at a couch and carpet sitting outside of his house.

While many are choosing not to move the trash in order to dodge the fee payment, Alvarado said this wasn't the case with his family.

"It might be a standoff for some people," he said. "For us we just really didn't know. We just really didn't know about the ordinance - the new ordinance."

City Manager Hans Medlarz said that this has been part of the problem. Many people either didn't know about the policy or were choosing to ignore it, leading to the piling up of trash on sidewalks. In particular Medlarz said that trash became more evident during the holidays, when boxes were often placed adjacent to bins.

Despite these problems, Medlarz said that the policy still has it's merits, in making the payment system more fair.

"You're paying for a baseline cost," he said. "And the baseline cost is your container. You fill your container, and we pick up your container every week. If you go beyond the baseline service, you should be paying above and beyond the baseline service."

This idea hasn't sat well with resident Jack Redden, who said that mandating further fees for new bins or item removal, would just hurt Milford families.

"If you have multiple people in your family," he said. "A bins not big enough."

After trash started to build up, council did vote to suspend part of the ordinance, allowing trash collectors to pick up bags that were out of the bin, until a better solution is found.

Council will meet at 7:00pm on Monday January, 26 to discuss possible changes to the trash ordinance.

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