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Feb. 9 is Stop Bullying Day


By Kat Murphy

MARYLAND- Whether it's in the school systems, online, or even at home, Stop Bullying Day encourages everyone to make an effort to eradicate bullying in their environment. Bullying takes place in many different forms, from severe verbal abuse to seemingly innocent name-calling. The recent rise in social media has lead to ruthless cyber bullying and even physical abuse is not uncommon. Stop Bullying Day brings awareness to the importance of recognizing and stopping bullying at all costs.

According to the National Education Association, over 160,000 children miss school daily out of fear of being bullied. Every seven minutes, a child is bullied and surprisingly, only four out of 100 adults will step in to end it. Student's witness bullying everyday, and 85 percent of peers will do nothing to stop it.

Bullying causes intense physical, emotional, and psychological tolls on victims, and Maryland is no exception. Out of the 43 states analyzed, Wallethub.com measured the relative levels of bullying and ranked Maryland as the 23rd worst state for bullying. And despite the fact that Maryland has both anti-bullying laws and anti-bullying policies, it also has one of the highest percentages of physical fights in high schools.

The Association for Psychological Science also found that bullying produces negative socioeconomic outcomes. Both bullies and victims are more likely to experience academic failure and future job termination and are likelier to commit crime and abuse drugs and alcohol. Economically, it presents a financial burden to schools as well. The National Association of Secondary School Principals reported that the average public school could lose $2.3 million in funding due to suspensions, expulsions, vandalism, alternative placement, and lower attendance.

Stop Bullying Day not only promotes awareness of harsh bullying, but also encourages victims and their peers to take a stand. Bullying can affect anyone, and recognizing the importance of ending bullying is crucial.

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