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Heart Healthy Food Substitutions

1.       To reduce the fat and cholesterol in a recipe...

If the recipe calls for:                      Use:

Whole Milk

1.Use skim or nonfat dry milk


1.Use evaporated skim milk

Creamed Soup

1.Use ½ can soup and ½ can skim milk

2.Use homemade "cream" soup recipe with no fat added

Sour Cream

1.Use non-fat plain yogurt in place of sour cream.  Mix in 1 T flour for each cup of yogurt to avoid separation

2.Use "mock sour cream" for baked potatoes or plain non-fat yogurt with chopped green onions and chives.

High-fat Cheese

1. Substitute a low-fat cheese (part skim)

2. Combine cheeses; for example, mix half Parmesan and half sapsago to use on spaghetti

3. Use non-fat or low-fat cottage cheese as a replacement for half or all cheeses called for in casseroles.


1. Use tofu mayonnaise

2. Use half the amount or less of an imitation or light mayonnaise (light Mayo has half the fat content)

3. Use non-fat yogurt

4. Use half non-fat yogurt and half light Mayo

Butter or Lard

1.Use a vegetable margarine (soft stick or tub)

2.Use olive oil

3.Use same amount of applesauce

4.Cut the fat in half


Nuts are approximately 70-80% fat, so use them sparingly to add crunch to casseroles and baked products. Use no more than ¼ to ½ cup per recipe

"thicken with flour and butter”

1. Reduce liquid with rapid boiling water

2. Thicken with cornstarch, rice or potato flours or nonfat dry milk

Whole eggs or Egg Yolks

1. Use two egg whites for one egg

2. Use an egg substitute according to package directions






Unsaturated fats:








Unsaturated fats

Peanut Oil

Saturated fats:

Animal fat

Bacon drippings



Coconut Oil


Palm Kernel Oil

Solid Shortenings


Nonstick cooking sprays, soft margarines, diet margarine or fat-free margarine made with allowed oil listed as the first ingredient on the label

Stick margarine made with allowed oil listed as the first ingredient on the label

Other margarine

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds (1Tbsp. Count as 1 fat serving)





Sunflower seeds

Pine nuts

Pumpkin seeds



Salad Dressings

Vinegar and allowed oil,

Reduced fat or fat free salad dressings, Homemade salad dressings made with allowed ingredients. Fat free or light mayonnaise or salad dressing

Other commercially prepared salad dressings

Regular mayonnaise or salad dressing


Plain gelatin with or without fruit

Sherbet made with skim milk

Water ice

Fruit juice sorbet


Frozen fruit juice bars

Pudding made with skim milk

Tapioca made with skim milk

Wild Game

Rabbit, squirrel, venison, pheasant, duck, goose, (without skin)


Fresh and plain frozen fish (unbreaded):

Cod, scrod, flounder, haddock, halibut, red snapper, fresh salmon, fresh tuna, fresh clams, scallops, oysters, etc

Shrimp and lobster

Commercially breaded fish, oil packed fish, sardines, mackerel, canned fish not reduced in sodium, fish roe and caviar

Organ meats

Limit to 3 ounces once a month

Luncheon Meats

Skinless turkey or chicken breasts

Sodium-reduced (low salt) lean ham, turkey, chicken (less than 3 grams of fat per ounce)

Luncheon meats, other than those listed as permitted to use


Whites as desired
Low-cholesterol, low saturated fat egg substitutes (not exceeding 55 calories per ¼ cup serving)

¼ cup = 1 ounce meat

Whole eggs (limit to no more than 3 per week w, ith one allowed in cooking)

Whole eggs in excess of amount specified


Frozen dinners with less than 30 of calories from fat and less than 550 mg of sodium per serving


Peanut butter (limit to 2 Tbsp)

(I Tbsp = 1 ounce meat)


Any fresh fruit, fruit juice, fruit canned in own juices, frozen fruit

Fruits canned in heavy syrup


Olives, coconut


All fresh vegetables, steamed, raw, or cooked in the microwave canned no salt added, unsalted tomato juice, unsalted vegetable juice

Regular canned vegetables

Fried vegetables, vegetables with added butter, cream, whole or 2 milk


Skim milk

½ % milk,

1% milk

Nonfat dry milk

Buttermilk made from skim milk

2% milk, low-fat buttermilk

Whole milk. Dried whole milk

Condensed milk

Evaporated whole milk

Buttermilk made with whole milk


Nonfat yogurt

Low-fat yogurt

Yogurt made from whole milk

Cream and substitutes

Nondairy cream and sour cream substitutes made from polyunsaturated fats

Fat free sour cream

Nondairy cream and cream substitutes containing palm or coconut oil

Half and half

Light cream

Heavy cream

Whipping cream

Sour cream

Cheese and substitutes

Dry curd cottage cheese, farmer's cheese

Fat free cottage cheese

Low-fat cottage cheese (not to exceed 2% fat content)

Fat-free cheeses

Low-salt cheeses (not to contain more than 3 grams of fat per ounce)

Cottage cheeses

Low-salt cheese or cheese substitutes, containing not more than 5 grams of fat per ounce)

All other cheeses


Bread: Whole wheat, rye, oatmeal, pumpernickel, raisin, white


English muffins

Hamburger and hot dog rolls


Roll, plain

Tortilla, corn (not fried)

Unsalted bread sticks

Croutons, plain

Bread cubes

Unsalted breadcrumbs

Commercial breading mixes made with allowed ingredients

Egg bread

Egg bagels (count as part of egg allowance)

Homemade stuffing made with allowed ingredients


Fried tortilla chips

Butter rolls

Sweet rolls

Cereal, Pasta, Rice

Bran cereals

Flake type cereals

Ready-to-eat cereals

Unsweetened cooked cereals




Eggless noodles

Sweetened cereals

Granola-type cereals

Egg noodles (count as part of egg allowance)

Cereals made with coconut oil or palm oil

Commercial seasoned; Rice, noodles, macaroni dishes (high in sodium)

Crackers and Snacks

Saltines (unsalted)

Fat-free crackers

Graham crackers


Melba toast

Animal crackers

Unsalted oyster crackers

Unsalted pretzels

Popcorn (popped no salt or fat added)

Fat-free microwave popcorn

Fat-reduced snacks containing no more than 3 grams of fat per 1 ounce serving

Potato chips

Regular microwave popcorn

Butter-type crackers

Cheese crackers

Cheese snacks

Quick Breads

*Biscuits, muffins, pancakes, breads

Banana, nut, etc

Fat-free commercial quick breads (muffins, pancakes, waffles)

Commercial waffles made with allowed ingredients

Commercially made mixes for biscuits, muffins, griddle cakes and quick bread


Chicken, turkey, squab. Cornish hen (without skin)

Ground turkey with less than 3 grams of fat per ounce

Poultry with skin

Domestic duck or goose


Well-trimmed cuts from the round, sirloin, tenderloin, flank

Extra lean ground beef

Lean ground beef

USDA prime grade medium or high fat cuts

T-bone, porterhouse, delmonico, rib steaks, etc.

Kosher beef, dried beef, corned beef

High fat ground beef


Lean cuts such as: chops and roasts

Lean ham or Canadian bacon

Hot dogs with less than 2 grams of fat per hot dog

Medium or high cuts

Salt-pork, sausage, bacon, hot dogs


Lean cuts such as: chops and roasts

<, /SPAN>

Medium cuts such as: Cutlets (ground or cubed), breast, Kosher veal


Leg cut

Medium or high fat cuts, Kosher lamb

*Prepared with skim milk, egg whites or egg substitute, Unsaturated oil, half the amount of salt called for in the recipe. If whole egg is used, count as part of egg allowance.

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