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Range of Motion (R.O.M.) Exercises

Before you exercise, wait at least one hour after eating, and 1/2 hour after bathing.

Perform 4-6 of the following R.O.M. exercises before you walk. Breathe in as you begin each exercise, and blow out as you reverse the motion.


Complete 10-15 repetitions of each exercise.


Ankle Pumps

-  Sit with knee at 45 degrees as shown.

-  Move foot up and down as shown.


Alternate foot lifts

- Sit, with involved leg bent to 90 degrees, as shown.

- Straighten leg at knee.

-  Return to start position.


Knee Lifts

- Sit in chair with feet on floor.

- Alternately lift left and right knee up and lower slowly.


Bleep Curls

-  Begin with arm at side, elbow straight, palm up.

-  Bend elbow upward.

-  Return to starting position.


Overhead Shoulder Press

-  Sit or stand.

-  Hold arms up and overhead.

-  Return to start position and repeat.


Shoulder Rolls

-  Sit or Stand

-  Stand or sit, raise shoulders upward toward ears, and roll backwards

-  Return to start position.


Lateral Arm Raises

-  Sit or Stand

-  Begin with arms at side, elbows straight, thumbs up.

-  Raise arms overhead in a position halfway between the front and sid

-  Return to starting position.



Advanced R.O.M. Excercises



-  Stand with feet shoulder distance apart.

-  Slowly bend knees to 90 degrees.

-  Hold for 5 seconds, and return to standing position.

-  Repeat.


Special Instructions:

Maintain proper low back posture.


Ankle Flexion

-  Stand, using chair for balance.

-  Raise up on toes, through full range.

-  Return to start position and repeat.


March in Place

-  Stand with feet at shoulder distance apart.

-  Raise one knee up and lower.

-  Raise other knee and lower.

-  Continue in a marching fashion.
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