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Coons Prepares Iran Announcement, Explosive Ad Targets His Decision

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Screenshot from ad aimed at Sen. Coons Screenshot from ad aimed at Sen. Coons

DOVER, Del. (WBOC)- Supporters are nearing a critical time on whether to let the Iran deal move forward as an important voice from Delaware is preparing to weigh in.

US Sen. Chris Coons, D-Delaware, is considered a major swing vote in congress on the Obama administration's nuclear deal with Iran. In an event at the University of Delaware Tuesday afternoon, he will announce his position. His office tells WBOC he is continuing to talk with colleagues and constituents less than 24 hours before that.

With the announcement looming, one political action group has been out with dramatic message aimed at swaying Coons.

A bipartisan group of former US senators, under the name the American Security Initiative, has purchased ad time on WBOC for many weeks now. They're pushing for Coons to oppose the Iran deal.

You may have seen their most recent ad and its explosive message. It shows a scene of suburban tranquility - jump rope and ice cream trucks. About 15 seconds later, an explosion that destroys it all.

Danilo Yanich is a University of Delaware professor who does work on media and public policy. He says the ad is designed to produce a visceral reaction.

"It's an ad against the deal," Yanich said. "And so the ad is produced and offered in a way for you to deal with it emotionally."

Perhaps the most famous political ad of all time aired during the 1964 presidential election. It was called "Daisy" and showed a little girl playing with a flower being up by a nuclear bomb. Lyndon Johnson's campaign was implying if you vote for Barry Goldwater, this will happen. Yanich says the Iran deal ad is an obvious callback to "Daisy."

"This explosion does the same thing. It explodes middle America," he said.

Yanich adds the facts in this spot are true, but they are not about the particulars of the deal.

"No discussion there about the aspects of the deal pro and con... It was not meant to do that. Let me scare you," said Yanich. "Justified or not, let me scare you. And then you call Sen. Coons."

Recently WBOC asked Coons to watch a different ad from the American Security Initiative directed at him. It used his own words from hearings and interviews to paint a picture that the Iran deal is a bad one. Coons said it was all accurate, just not complete.

"That advertisement simply concludes the deal is a bad deal without making any of the detailed arguments. I think there are arguments in favor of this deal," said Coons.

Congress is expected to hold a vote in September disapproving of the deal. President Obama has said he would veto that. At that point Obama would need the support of 34 senators to maintain the veto. Right now the number is 31.

Sen. Tom Carper, D-Delaware, and Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Virginia, have come out as deal supporters. Delmarva's three remaining US senators, Sen. Barbara Milkulski, D-Maryland, Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Maryland, Sen. Mark Warner, D-Virginia, have not publicly revealed their stances yet.

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