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Petition Aims To Keep Talbot Boys Monument On Courthouse Grounds


EASTON, Md.-  He stands tall over the circuit courthouse grounds in Easton.  The Talbot Boy is wearing a CSA belt buckle, and has the battle flag draped over his shoulder.  For some, the statue is a reminder of Talbot County's history.  For others, it's a reminder of something painful.

"I'm looking at solidarity, unity, not division," said Richard Potter, president of the Talbot County branch of the NAACP.  "Of course that statue represents a part of division.  When I look at that statue, there is no monument to the union men there."

But some say the statue has stood peacefully in this spot for decades.

"I just think that it's a part of our history, and I don't think our history should be erased," said Esmeralda Escalante.

There is a petition on the internet.  It has over 500 signatures, and it's all to keep this statue exactly where it is.  They say it's not just a piece of history for Easton, it's a piece of art.  The group behind the petition, Save The Talbot Boys, declined the opportunity for an interview on Tuesday.

The NAACP, as well as some of the local churches aren't asking for the statue to be destroyed, simply moved off of the county courthouse grounds.

"I've heard the comments from other individuals.  I acknowledge that's a part of their history, but to be on the courthouse lawn so that everyone can see, I still think that's an issue," said Potter.

Several weeks ago, a community meeting was held to discuss the matter, and more conversations are coming up.  Potter says there has been enough conversation though.  He now wants the county to act.

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