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Theaters Put Out Costume Rules for Star Wars Premiere

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BJ Wheatley's Boba Fett/Chewbacca Costume (Photo: WBOC) BJ Wheatley's Boba Fett/Chewbacca Costume (Photo: WBOC)

CAMBRIDGE, Md.-  After years of waiting, Star Wars fans on Delmarva are making their way to the theaters for the newest entry in the franchise.  Many of them are coming in costume.  But before you power up your lightsaber, don your cape and mask, you may want to check with your local theater about their costume policy before you pass through the doors.

It's a day long awaited.  The force has reawakened on the screens, after a decade-long hiatus.  Not only is the sound design for these movies incredible, so too are the costumes.  But many theaters across the country, including Cambridge Premier Cinemas, now have a costume policy.

"This is an unfortunate thing, because this is one of the best things about these movies is people coming in costume.  But unfortunately, over the last few years, we've had things happen in movie theaters across the United States," said manager Dennis Benjamin.

Costumes are still allowed, but there are limitations.  Some of the items on that list include lightsabers.  Also included are blasters, helmets, capes, cloaks, and facepaint.  The costume guidelines were suggested by Disney.

"They came out and said we'd like you to put some rules in place," said Benjamin.

BJ Wheatley at Realerevival Brewing is a huge Star Wars fan.  He said the policy is a sad, but smart move.

"I will keep my blaster at home.  I hope nothing like that occurs.  It's a good crowd for Star Wars, good fans, so I don't think we'll have a problem with it," said Wheatley.

Others, like David Heuer, are sad their lightsabers will have to stay home.

"I mean I can see the point in it if you didn't want people with lightsabers in the movie making noise," Heuer said. "But a bunch of toy plastic lightsabers because of a shooting doesn't make sense to me."

With or without a lightsaber, you'll still get to see plenty of action on the screens in theaters.

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