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Delaware Presidential Primary and its Delegates

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DOVER, Del.- For the first time in years, political experts are saying the Delaware Republican Primary could mean something Tuesday as the race becomes more contentious between three candidates still vying for the party's nomination.

Delaware has 16 delegates available to win on the Republican side. All of those delegates will go to the Republican candidate who wins the state.

The Democratic candidates are fighting for 21 delegates. There are 31 delegates available for Democrats, but 10 of them are superdelegates who are unpledged and can vote for whomever they want. They have already pledged their support for Hillary Clinton. Those superdelegates include people like Gov. Jack Markell and Congressman John Carney.

The remaining 21 delegates will be proportionally divided between Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders based on what percentage of the vote each candidate receives in Tuesday's primaries.

Another important issue to remember is whether or not these delegates are pledged or unpledged. If no candidate can win the total number of required delegates on the first ballot at the national convention to clinch the nomination, there are different rules as to what the delegates can do.

It is important to remember that these delegates are actual people who vote at each party's national convention. In most cases, on the first ballot at a convention, they are required to vote for the candidate who wins their state or district in a primary contest.

As for the Delaware Republican Party, on the Republican National Convention's first ballot, all 16 of Delaware's GOP delegates are bound to vote or the winner of the state's primary. John Fluharty, former Delaware GOP executive director, has told WBOC if it goes beyond a first ballot, the delegates are released and "they can vote for whoever they want."

The Delaware Democratic Party has 31 delegates up for grabs in Delaware. Ten of them are superdelegates. This means they are unpledged and can vote for who they want to. Of the total number of delegates, 21 will be pledged delegates who will be given to each candidates based on the percentage of the vote they win in Tuesday's primary.

The party's communications director has told WBOC he does not foresee any delegate being released to vote for someone else at this year's Democratic National Convention.

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