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WBOC Follows Delmarva Storm Chasers

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Chasing storms down Snow Hill Road. (Photo:WBOC) Chasing storms down Snow Hill Road. (Photo:WBOC)

SALISBURY, Md.-  Dewayne Ward has made a habit out of chasing storms. With his eyes to the sky, he's always looking to see where he should go next.

"I always joke around telling people I want to be like the guy from the movie 'Twister.'  I want to touch a tornado," said Ward.

The day we caught up with Ward, he was working with fellow storm chaser Justin Koshar to follow the storms. Koshar was based out of his office.

"As you (WBOC) were out with DW, Dewayne Ward, I was feeding you information I was gathering from several different radar sites, information from the National Weather Service that was being passed down, relaying it to you as best I could," said Koshar.

Ward says it can be quite the challenge to keep up with the fast moving clouds.

"Let's go down here and see if we can get ahead of this storm a little bit.  The best view of the storm is from the front," said Ward as he drove farther south.

Our chase took us from Elliot's Island in Dorchester County to Snow Hill in Worcester, all to get ahead of the storm.

While we're stopped near Snow Hill, Ward takes pictures of the clouds, to add to his growing collection.  Unfortunately, the storms we were chasing that day fizzled out, but that doesn't mean it was a loss.

"Every storm is different.  Each storm is going to have its own lifestyle, if you will.  It's just getting a basic idea of what is going to happen and learning from that," said Ward.

As the skies cleared, we got a gorgeous sunset.  The storms on that day may not have been as severe as expected, but Ward still had a great time following the clouds, and his passion.

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