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Easton Haunted Trails

Posted: 10/30/2017 19:08:00 -04:00 Updated:

EASTON Md. - In darkness and surrounded by tombstones, there are stories being told inside Easton's Spring Hill Cemetery.

Following behind guide, Missy Corley, one group is spending Friday night listening and chasing ghosts.

It's called the chesapeake ghost tour.

There are ghostly tales not just at the cemetary.

There are spots like the Talbot County Courthouse where a ghost, known as the Colonel, haunts the halls.

And Foxley Hall - a historic home where a face is said to appear sometimes in the attic window.

Missy says you'll find haunted sites and tours like these all across Delmarva.

And, she says, they're becoming more and more popular.

"it's because there's so much unknown behind these stories. Why is this person still lingering in this spot?" Corley said.

The Pritts family came from Laurel, DE for the tour. Mom, Elsa, says even after exploring Easton's supposedly haunted streets, she's still a skeptic.

"A little bit but i can't say it doesn't happen," Pritts said.

It's unconvincing for people like Pritts.

So WBOC looked for people who were. We returned to the first stop along the tour - the Tidewater Inn.

Walter Thomas has worked at the Inn for 16 years.

He says he's witnessed things he can't explain.

One night in the kitchen, he says he looked through a doorway in the back and saw an image of a face peering right through the window.

Thomas says he's had other experiences - an unexplained brush of a pant leg or laughter coming from the basement.

He believes a lot of the activity comes from Mr. A. Johnson Ghrymes - the Inn's first owner.

And maybe for good reason - his old vault still sits in the attic.

Thomas isn't the only one - bellman Harry Woolford says he's seen Ghrymes' ghost first-hand.

Years ago, Woolford says while on night patrol in the basement he heard keys jingling. Turning around, Woolford says he saw what looked like a transparent Mr. Ghrymes dressed in grey.

"So i just stood there and said 'Okay' and kept on walking," Woolford said.

Woolford says he turned back around and no one was there.

He says people often come to the Tidewater Inn searching for something like Mr. Ghrymes' ghost.

Searching for something unknown.




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