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Sunday, Sept. 4, 2005

Jason Newton's log as told to WBOC's Alice Bavis on Sunday, Sept. 5.

Day two of our trip. Our first full day of helping people out. It was interesting. It was the first full day in Slidell and the mission charged to nine of Salisbury's finest was to look into some of the buildings and all residences where people evacuated but the question was did families try to wait out the storm and is anybody left in there.

So these guys did a great job of making their way inside these homes with as little damage as they could and if there was damage they replaced it, or just looking room by room through mud that would cover up a decent pair of boots. Every floor you went on was pretty much saturated. If you looked at the wall, you could see how far it came up. Some houses, the worst one I saw at least, came up about chest high and that's a good indication of about how much water went into each of these homes.

When you go to the second floor, pretty dry but everything on the first floor, either mud covered or there's water damage. Everything electronic, every keepsake, everything that wasn't moved out of the way was pretty much damaged in the storm and as we went through some houses, there were actually people there today coming back home maybe for the first time to clean things out.

As far as lives and that's what these guys are looking for, no human beings inside but two of the houses I believe they found a little dog who was still alive and making his way around the house a little frightened and in the other was a little cat who sort of jumped into the firefighter's hands like it was his master.

A good job done by these guys today but they still have more days to go, more of the same and they're making me a part of it.

Tomorrow (Monday) is the big day. Tomorrow we're going to try to edit some video. We're going to try to meet some of our friends in Baton Rouge at a CBS station there. And take a tape to him and let you all finally see and not let me jabber on about what I see and let the folks in Salisbury be proud of the guys who are working for them, now down here in Louisiana and just to see the devastation. 

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