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Gene's Nascar Collection

Posted: May 06, 2018 9:24 PM Updated:
Gene's Nascar Room (WBOC Photo) Gene's Nascar Room (WBOC Photo)

DELMAR, Del.- Gene Maggio has been an auto body technician for over 40 years.

He's the owner of Gene's body shop in Delmar.

But in the back of his shop, in a place you would never expect, are his most prized possessions.

"I've got some Nascar stuff in my office and when they see that they say, oh you like Nascar? I say yeah, i like it..i tell them come on back and see my room, and they saw wow! You've really collected some stuff over the years," said Gene.

But some stuff, is an understatement.

"I got, I got probably 500 cars," said Gene.

And it's not just cars.

Cardboard cut-outs of famous drivers, bobble heads, and even his ceiling fan all have a touch of the high-speed sport.

According to Gene. 

"It's a passion like anything else," he said.

But this passion does not come cheap.

During one of his trips to a race in Daytona Beach Florida, Gene purchased a racer's gas tank.

The gas tank was $600.00, and it's one of his favorite items in his collection.

If you ask Gene how much he thinks his room is worth.

"I really wouldn't know, I've never really figured it out, you figure 65 cars times 500, that's a lot of money sitting right there," said Gene.

Over the course of 25 years, Gene has collected hundreds of Nascar cars and has even gotten an autograph from one of his favorite drivers, jeff gordon.

And as if his collection weren't enough, he even built his own life size race car.

"It's just another hobby, we do on Sundays, it's just fun doing it," said Gene.

And for those who know about his hidden gem. they say there's only one thing missing.

"He's got everything but the drivers," said Angelo Villone, one of Gene's employees.

Gene estimates between his collectibles and his life-size race car, he's invested more than $100,000 into his love for NASCAR.

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