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No More Trains South of Hallwood on Virginia's Eastern Shore

Posted: Jul 08, 2018 10:51 AM Updated:
Examples of what the stolen railroad signal light looks like. (Photos: Milford Police Department) Examples of what the stolen railroad signal light looks like. (Photos: Milford Police Department)

ONLEY, Va.- On much of Virginia's Eastern Shore, many are mourning a loss. But not of a loved one or a friend,  but a piece of history no more--trains.

After Bay Coast Railroad ended its train operation in May, for the first time since the 1800s there will be no more trains south of Hallwood on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Places like the town of Onley in Virginia say they will miss the trains the most, as the town is one of many that benefited from the historic railway years ago through its transportation of passengers and goods up the shore.  

"They brought the produce, and the strawberries and everything. So it's really sad to hear that they're not going to be able to be used anymore," Cheryl Steiner, a resident in Onley said. 

Similarly, Onley Councilman Matt Hart said he's also going to miss the trains, as his grandfather, a strawberry farmer, benefited from the train's presence in the town, allowing his produce to be sold all over the region and to the Northeast. 

To keep the history of the trains alive, Hart said he'd like to see the tracks turned into something that still benefits the community, instead of dormant tracks. 

"If we were to connect the towns on the shore with the track, people could put on races, biking events, things like that, that would get people into the area, which would help the area, and help the businesses."

Hart, who lives right beside the railroad, said he used to hear the train come into town as frequently as a couple of times a week. Over time, the train's trips became fewer and far between. 

Not knowing the train would stop running, Hart says he wish he would've taken more pictures leading up to the train's final run. 

Looking forward, residents say they're all eager to know what's next for the dormant tracks--all of them interested in making new railroad memories in Onley. 

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