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Dorchester County Neighbors, Veterinarians Work to Control Feral Cat Population

Posted: Aug 21, 2018 5:40 PM -04:00 Updated:

HURLOCK, Md. - Some people in Dorchester County say they have a purr-fect plan to fix the population of feral cats.

It starts with local veterinarians, like Donna Flaggs, who spent her day off on Tuesday spaying two kittens. One little tuxedo cat, asleep under anesthesia, laid on a silver table, ready to go under the knife. Meanwhile, her big-eyed sisters, stood in a cage nearby scared.

For the last five years, Flaggs has been spaying and neutering hundreds of feral cats like this (usually) every Wednesday. She even has a name for it - "No Hump Wednesday."

But no matter how much of her own time and money she's snipped away at to do this, the cats, she says, keep coming back.

"These are just cats that owners have not, for some reason, been spayed or neutered by their owners, so they just keep breeding," Flaggs said.

But Flaggs and neighbors in the area of Hurlock, East New Market, and say they're hoping to change that.

Claudia Fahey of Hurlock, who caught the two kittens, says she's working to raise more money to help vets like Flaggs.

"Unfortunately, you can't just keep every cat, but the Town of Hurlock has been dealing with this for a long time," Fahey said. "That is something we'll have to work on."

This year, Fahey says they'll apply for grants through the county and potentially petition the town council to get more funds to spay and neuter cats.

For now, Flaggs says they're currently using grant money to target feral cats in places like Secretary and East New Market.

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