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173-year-old Wicomico County tree is being cut down

Posted: Sep 13, 2018 5:27 PM -04:00 Updated:
Morris Mill Tree (Photo WBOC) Morris Mill Tree (Photo WBOC)

FRUITLAND, Md. - Wicomico County and the state were debating whether or not a historical tree should stay or go. 

The tree sits on the corner of South Divison Street and Meadowbrook. 

Maryland Department of the Environment ordered Wicomico County to remove the tree from the embankment because of the nearby dam repair. 

However, the county wants to leave it. 

Dallas Baker, Wicomico  County Director of Public Works said MDE said the roots and the tree can allow water to get into the dam, erode it, and cause washouts. 

"We're not coming in and cutting it blindly, we have put in a lot of effort to try and save it," Baker said. "We recognize that it is a very beautiful tree." 

Although Wicomico County wants to save the tree, the Maryland Forest Service pointed out that the fungus on the tree is a clear indication of decay and it won't be long until it dies. However, the community in Meadowbrook has mixed opinions about the tree that welcomes people into their neighborhood. 

Jenny Wynn has been a resident there for five years. She said the tree deserves to be here. 

"I would prefer it not be torn down because it is so beautiful and it's a nice feature when you come into the development, it's a historical landmark." 

Darnell Bryant said the tree has to come down without a doubt. 

"When I come through leaves fall on it and tree limbs and it's just so low, it hits both of my vehicles when I'm coming in." 

Matt Hurd and Kathy Kronner with the Maryland Forest Service were on site today inspecting the tree. They found a gurgling root destroying the curb, among other things. 

According to Baker, the tree that has been enjoyed by many generations, must be cut down. 

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