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Firefly Campers Begin Packing and Embrace Day Three

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DOVER, Del. - Sunday marks day three of the Firefly Music Festival, but campers have until Monday at noon to check out. Some are ready to hit the road as soon as the festival comes to a close, while others plan to stay in the Woodlands as long as they're allowed. 

As Thomas Smith of Annapolis, Md. brews one last cup of coffee at his festival campsite, he reflects on his first time at Firefly. "It's kind of hard to put into words how much fun I've been having," he says. "It's just kind of a big party, a big campsite."

The festival calls its campsites "The Great Atlantic Campout." Each year, this event draws tens of thousands of people. Malerie and Kailey Andrews drove all the way up from Ocean City for it and pitched a tent to camp for their first time ever. 

For these sisters, it was a learning experience. "The wind picked up and it had a hole in the top, but we fixed it and it's standing now," Malerie says. 

Mike Lagnese, Julia Dormer, Chris Murphy drove down from Philadelphia with a different camping tactic. "We didn't think we could make the tent camping," says Dormer.

"We're roughing it in an RV," Murphy adds. 

After "roughing it" for three days, many campers are okay with leaving by the end of the festival. 

"Sad to leave but excited to get home," says Murphy. 

"A warm shower for a change would be nice," adds Smith. "A shower that doesn't cost 5 dollars." 

The Andrews sisters take down their string lights and pack up their campsite before even heading into the festival. "We're just preparing so when we get back from the concerts, we can just leave before everyone else," Kailey says. 

Smith, on the other hand, isn't in any hurry. He plans to leave Monday. "My thinking is that I'll leave it up tonight in case I need something," he says. 

Regardless of when they plan to leave, campers everywhere have already been taking out their trash. 

"They give you trash bags when you show up and then you can give them to the trash cart and they'll give you a new one," Smith explains. 

Murphy says, there are trash bins everywhere. "You can just throw it out in the front, the trash truck comes out in the afternoon."

Even though they're tired, the campers are still raving about their Firefly favorites. For Dormer, that would be the DJ sets. "The ones that go on after midnight," she says. "It was a lot of fun, a lot of energy."

As all of the stages are broken down and the trash is hauled away, many of the campers say that they'll already be looking forward to coming back next year. 

Firefly says campers can leave behind sleeping bags, tents, reusable water bottles, lanterns and other items that are in good enough shape to be used again. It will all be used to help the homeless in Kent County through the Firefly Code Purple Project


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