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Wicomico County Emergency Services Push for Life-Saving CPR App

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SALISBURY, Md. - Wicomico County Emergency Services is encouraging citizen CPR and they're doing that with the help of an app.

PulsePoint is a free app for users, and Wicomico County is urging people who are CPR-trained to sign up for it. It alerts users of a cardiac event who are withing a quarter miles of the emergency. That way, people can help start life-saving CPR during sudden cardiac arrest before EMS arrives.

"Anyone can help. Children have applied CPR and saved lives. So, don't think that anybody is excluded from being able to make a difference and save a life," says Theresa Young, executive director of the American Red Cross Serving Delmarva.

Young says the Red Cross encourages everyone to have some knowledge of administering CPR. But, she says that shouldn't stop someone from stepping in.

"People are afraid to act because what if they do it wrong," Young says. "But, inaction is already wrong. Let's have some action and hope to make a difference."

Maryland law protects people who are trying to help in these situations.

"There are good Samaritan laws out there to protect people in these difficult situations."

Criminal defense attorney William Hall says the Good Samaritan law is trying to achieve the same goal.

"The law wants to protect people doing good," Hall says. "Courts want to encourage people in these situations to give aid and it's really important people take advantage of these CPR classes but even if they aren't CPR-trained or certified, the good Samaritan law still protects them."

The Red Cross, among many other groups, offers CPR training. Young says there a few things someone should remember if they find themselves in a similar situation.

"I think the first thing is to make sure that the area is safe," Young says. "We don't want to have two victims where we have one. If the area is not safe, please pull back, call 911 and then if the area is safe, then step in and assist. Definitely ask the person, 'Are you OK?' Because if they're able to speak, you already have not the need to start compressing. So have that conversation."

Visit the Red Cross for more tips on CPR and ways you can get certified. For more details on the PulsePoint App, visit their website.

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