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DSU Double Shooting- Delmarva Reacts

Comments and reaction about the Delaware State University double shooting that occurred Friday, Sept. 21, 2007. E-mail us your comments at news@wboc.com  and we'll post them as soon as we receive them.

On WBOC-TV it was said in a comment by someone interviewed, "just the way it is." There`s a lot of truth to that In my opinion tprayer taken out of schools,discipline taken out of the hands"of the parents, I`m afraid that this is a "manifestation of the last generation. These individuals don`t care about another human life, compassion has left or has never been taught to our children. This is happening, not just on the streets, BUT IN OUR COLLEGES. They are supposed to be the cream of the crop.

- Keith

To be real I thought Delaware was a safe place to live and visit. I can't believe the national media decended on Dover, Del. of all places. I hope and pray that the victims will be OK.

- Nashville, Tenn.

My daughter is a commuter student at Del State.   After receiving her associates degree in upstate NY and graduating with honors, the feeling of safety is not present here.  Why were the students not emailed?  If I hadn't gotten a phone call from her sibling in NY, my daughter would have gone to school today like any other day.  It will be my daughters' choice whether she returns to classes, and I really think she is not feeling it's a safe place to learn.  Why are guns allowed on campus.  My past experience with other colleges is that there would not be guns in the dorms.  Is the anger that strong that our children are not allowed to learn anymore because they are watching their back?  This sure was enough to scare a country kid from persuing her dream, at least on a college campus. I hurt for her and all the other kids who have to grow up thinking this is just the way it is, kids making bad choices.

Shirley of Laurel, Del.

I feel very sorry for the parents of the children that got shot.  My question is where is security when all this is going on? Also, does the school have surveillance cameras?  If not, there should be; we have them everywhere else. My prayers are for the families and students.

- A Friend

There is too much time to get into various things and it should be a curfew on campus to make sure they're where they should be or a person to make checks on the students because when they're away from home they don't make good logical decisions as being young adults. And it's just to much happening involving the college student in Delaware we just had students shoot execution style just months ago and now this. And people are purchasing guns all the time from off the street they don't always go to the gun shop, but it's very easy to get into mischief if drinking is involved like I said with the generation we're talking about thinks they're invincible,so they think nothing will never happen to me. I feel sorry for them because they feel like they've got to much peer pressure so they don't act orderly and don't follow rules and regulations, also it starts with respecting authority. 

- Perrie

I don't want to make a big deal about this, but I wanted to give my impressions of the school's response to today's unfortunate incidents.  I have had many issues with the administration of the school in my two-plus years here, but I was impressed with the response taken today by administrators at the school.  I was scheduled to defend my master's thesis today at 11 a.m., and at 6:50 a.m. this morning, I received the first of many phone calls, text messages, and instant messages online regarding the closing of the school....I had been contacted by no less than seven individuals, and had contacted a member of my committee who was travelling from Sandy Hook, NJ.  As unfortunate as the shootings were, and that they led to my defense being cancelled, it was fortunate that as I believe, adequate steps were taken to ensure this did not become worse than it could have.

- Anonymous

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