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If You Liked This Movie....Check These Other Ones Out

Denzel Washington plays an inspirational motivator to a bunch of young students. Hmmm! Sound familiar? Perhaps, we need only Remember the Titans. The coach-teacher movie is certainly not new. In fact, it could be its own genre. We've seen it in so many incarnations.
Whether it's a football or a boxing coach training some athlete to overcome insurmountable odds or seemingly unbeatable opponents, or whether it's a teacher or a professor mentoring and inspiring kids to learn or grow despite cards not stacked in their favor, these movies are selfsame.
It would almost be boring, and in many cases they are because they become so predictable, but some, even though we've seen them unfold in front of our cinematic eyes over and over again, can be good and lovable if they're genuine and heartfelt.
My lord have their been so many sports films in the same vein! From Hoosiers to Rocky to The Longest Yard to Coach Carter to Murderball to Bad News Bears, yes, they're all different sports with different situations, but the mold is one we've seen shaped countless times. Underdog athletes trhough tough love training eventually win the big game or match. But we can keep watching them over and over, as well as their remakes, because in this type of movie, it really is all about the journey and not the destination.
Although one could debate that The Great Debaters is not a sports film, it's my contention that it is. The only difference is the athletes in this new movie use their mental prowess as opposed to a physical one. There's really not that much difference in the mold. So, if you liked those kinds of inspirational sports films, you'll certainly like this new Denzel-directed movie. That being said, movies involving inspirational teachers aren't that far off and can certainly be included in the genre. Other recommendations:
"Akeelah and the Bee"
"Searching for Bobby Fischer"
"Emperor's Club"
"Blackboard Jungle"
"Mr. Holland's Opus"
"Dangerous Minds"
"Lean on Me"
"Dead Poets Society"
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