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The Worst Movies of 2007: The Razzies

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For 27 years now, while Hollywood is congratulating itself with a multitude of award shows, giving out tons of trophies to movies that various institutions feel are the best of a particular year, one award show seeks to mock them all, but specifically the Oscars. The Golden Raspberry Awards or the Razzies are the Oscars for really bad films or commercial flops. The Razzies, started in 1980, are the awards given to the films that people thought were worst movies of the year.
For 2007, The Razzies chose Norbit, a stupid comedy about a nerd and the obese woman who falls in love with him, as well as I Know Who Killed Me, a lame mystery about a stripper who loses her memory as the two top nominees for Worst Movie of the Year. Those films two respective stars, Eddie Murphy and Lindsay Lohan, were chosen as worst actor and worst actress of the year.

I actually really enjoy the idea of the Razzies. There are quite a few major movie releases that simply defy reason. They make no sense despite having huge star power, leaving many times the audience scratching their head as to why the movies were even made in the first place, and sadly Hollywood never seems to learn his lesson. Since the Razzies started in 1980, it has never had a shortage of films to nominate.
It's a sad commentary on the movie business, and looking back on 2007, there were plenty of films that I would love to nominate for a Razzie, some of which many will disagree with. But my tastes are somewhat refined and if something rubs me the wrong way even though millions of others loved it, I have to speak out about it. So, here are my choices for worst movies of the year, and the nominees are:
300 - The fact that this film made a killing in the box office is even more offensive. The movie adapted from a graphic novel about the ancient and almost mythical Spartan army fighting the Persians is so overly stylized as to be unrealistic even by comic book standards. The writing is terrible and the acting is more about men showing off their 12-pack abs than making any meaningful emotional connections.
SUPERBAD - Perhaps too raunchy for its own good. Either the director or the writer drifted too long on two characters, the two cops, who ultimately added nothing but annoyance and unneeded filler. The dialogue of the main character seemed at times rips from a stand up comic's routine ill placed here.
AMERICAN GANGSTER - This movie that tries to tell the story of two men- one a criminal and the other a cop- misfires by focusing too much attention on the cop and not the criminal despite the title of the movie and the fact that in order to understand the movie you must understand the criminal. Denzel Washington gives a lesser performance than the one he did in Training Day, and many of the movie's elements didn't make sense or were contradictory.
RATATOUILLE - Despite the fact that this animated Disney film was the best-reviewed movie of the year. I believe it scored over 97 percent on Rotten Tomatoes but the film is personally unbearable to watch. The idea of a rat following his dream to become a famous French chef may have sounded clever on paper, but its execution left me wanting to look away than look at the scene. The crucial scenes at the end, which features dozens of rats infesting a kitchen and cooking food for patrons, made me want to vomit.
IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH - One of the biggest insults to our troops overseas! This commentary about how war is tough is hackneyed and what I would have expected from Paul Haggis who wrote and directed this story. Despite an intense performance for Tommy Lee Jones, the only thing you're left with is our troops are becoming homicidal maniacs because of the war in Iraq. Huh?

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