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TV Review: Worst Week


This is yet another remake of a British TV series that doesn't work. The reason it doesn't work is because it's not funny! The jokes are too obvious. You can see them coming miles away. The giveaways aren't oversights. It's almost as if the makers of this show want to give the punch lines away before they should, almost as if the audience would be too stupid to figure them out on its own.

For example, one joke is that a man is accidentally believed to be dead. This is after that man faints in front of a funeral home. Trust me, I'm not spoiling anything by telling you this, because the makers of this show do a good job of spoiling it for me. The way they stage it is done as to take away the surprise, the punch, so when it's over, the punch is more like a tap.

That would be one thing, but then they drag it out for far too long. We got the joke ten minutes ago. Let it go. Don't keep beating us over the head with it.

Not since Tim Allen in Home Improvement have we had so many pratfalls in a comedy, perpetrated by an idiotic man. Mind you, it's nothing really clever. The pratfalls are the equivalent of people slipping on banana peels. It's basically juvenile humor. My best description is that it's like a serialized version of the film Meet the Parents (2000).

Except, the star of this show, Kyle Bornheimer, is no Ben Stiller. Bornheimer is less Stiller and more Jack Black in both look and style of comedy. Because you see Bornheimer nude in the first episode, I can say that with some reasonable assuredness.

Bornheimer plays Sam, a man who goes to the parents' house of his girlfriend Melanie so that they can tell them that she's pregnant and that the two of them are gettting married. Like a series of dominoes falling, one bad thing happens after another. Each one is worser than the last. The bad things keep piling on, until everything is ruined.

But that ruin is so predictable that it ceases being something at which you laugh but instead something you think is lame. Worst Week is more like worst half hour.

One Star out of Five

Rated TV-PG

Running Time: 30 mins.

Mondays at 9:30 p.m. on CBS

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