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TV Review: Eleventh Hour


I've said it before and I'll say it again. This is yet another remake of a British TV series that doesn't work. It's not all that bad, but it is so impersonal, so lifeless, that it never engages. It's all superficial, science fiction blah. If nothing else, it's boring.

The show is written and produced by Danny Cannon, as well as executive produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, both of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. At times, the show embraces a similar aesthetic, or at least the attention to aesthetics as that show. Unfortunately, that attention may be an over-attention at the expense to character and really riveting storytelling.

Like with the failed British remake on NBC, Coupling, this show is literally a copycat to the 2006 British series. As such, the makers perhaps felt like all they had to do was place the camera in front of good looking people and their job was done.

Why should they care about developing story or character? They can just copy what was already done. Here's a news flash. They did that for Coupling and it failed miserably. This show is basically a police procedural that's devoid of depth. They think it's spicy because it deals with controversial sci-fi stuff like cloning.

Here's where the writing gets lazy. Besides the shock and awe in the beginning of having aborted fetuses abandoned on the side of the road, the show never really gets into the debate over cloning. They never address the real controversy. Rufus Sewell who stars as Dr. Jacob Hood is reduced to giving a speech about a grape and throwing out scentific quotes like corny catchphrases. The show is all about shock and awe in that regard, not about substance or having a backbone.

The only thing the show has got going for it is its amazing cinematography. Like the makers of CSI, the producers here really know how to create great visuals. The screen dances between cold blues with greens and warm, dreamy oranges. The frame is at times filled with too much back lights, making for over-exposed backgrounds. Half the time, the general look is a hazy, angelic glow. The other half, the look is a harsh contrast with dark shadows.

The basic idea about this show is that it's about scientists and science experiments gone amuck. It's pretty to look at, very well photographed and very artistic in its design, but true sci-fi mystery fans will find it a letdown.

Two Stars out of Five
Running Time: 60 mins.
Thursdays at 10 p.m. on CBS

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