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Castle Issues Statement on U.S. House Victory

11/04/2008 10:36 PM ET

WILMINGTON, Del. - Delaware Congressman Mike Castle released the following statement about tonight's results.

"I am honored that Delawareans have voted to continue to allow me to represent them in Washington. We have a true sense of community in our state, and it is a privilege for me to ensure our voices are heard in Congress.  Here in Delaware, we treat one another with respect, even if we may differ in our views. This style of governing has enabled me to always work closely with members from either party -- both in Dover and in Washington.  We also demand the highest levels of ethics and government transparency, and we should expect the same from those we send to Washington.

"I congratulate Senators Obama and Biden and look forward to working with them both in Washington.  Delawareans are excited to have one of our own as Vice President of the United States, and I agree it is truly an honor for our small state to see Joe in this important role.

"This election was a challenge for Republicans locally and nationally.  While long overdue in my opinion, voters across the nation have begun to demand more government transparency, accountability, and bipartisanship from Washington.  Republicans should return to demanding fiscal sensibility and protecting every tax dollar we spend.  In recent years, federal spending has grown too fast. We have to reevaluate how to keep government programs viable by spending the taxpayer dollars more efficiently; otherwise we threaten the sustainability of these programs for future generation. 

"The focus in Washington should be on reestablishing economic security, including more job opportunities and training programs.  I have worked with both parties on these measures because Delaware's economic health is paramount.  This means job growth, investments, and incentives for businesses to come here and to thrive.  It also means a priority on our infrastructure-- easing traffic congestion on I-95, promoting tourism at our beaches and recreational areas, and continuing to modernize our impressive Air Force Base in Dover.

"For the next two years in Washington, I will urge Congress to focus on extending health care, access to quality education, and finding a path to energy independence.  I am very hopeful about the progress being made in Iraq and seeing the Iraqi government increase its role in their own security and infrastructure.  This trend has enabled the reduction of our troop levels in Iraq, which is currently taking place.  I will continue to push for a new diplomatic strategy, which I feel is key to achieving further and long-term stability in the region, and an increased focus of our military, economic, political, and diplomatic resources in Afghanistan.


"While we pursue affordable, quality health care coverage for all and as we make the transition to providing this universal coverage, we must have reliable state health programs and community health centers, free health screenings, and innovative programs on which so many Delawareans depend -- like CHAP, VIP physicians program, DE Cancer Treatment Program, DE Prescription Assistance Program, Screening for Life, MATCH Van, and our hospitals and clinics.

"I am committed to the goals of No Child Left Behind, and continue to work with students, parents, educators, and administrators to develop solutions that ensure we put kids first.  I will pursue legislation based on their feedback to better measure individual student growth and improve graduation rates while being inclusive of the needs of students with disabilities and English language learners. I am appreciative of the support I have gotten from the Delaware State Education Association and the National Education Association.

"A priority that we cannot dismiss, now that gas prices are dropping, is reducing our reliance on fossil fuel.  The truth is that we need all options on the table -- solar, wind, nuclear, domestic production, biofuels which aren't based on food crops, conservation and efficiency, hybrid technologies, renewable energy standards and advanced batteries-- and all levels of the political spectrum represented in order to advance a new comprehensive energy policy for the nation. I have faith in American innovation and technology -- this is the way we will improve how we use and produce energy domestically and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Thank you to the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters for their early endorsement and support for my record of environmental protection in Congress.

"Across the country voters are demanding the same standards we embrace here in Delaware: integrity, open government and civility.   My commitment to Delaware has always been to put people above politics and to work across party lines in order to find common ground.   With the collaboration of ideas and willingness to compromise, we can make the tough decisions and move the country forward.  Together, we can make progress on the most important issues of our time. "

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