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Looking Younger With Your New Smile

Look at the two smiles below. Can you tell which is the smile of a twenty year old and which the smile of a fifty year old?

Did you guess right? Do you see the differences? Look at the two upper front teeth of the first smile. Notice that they are longer than the adjacent teeth. Now look at the second smile and notice that the four front teeth are all the same length. This is because as we age our teeth wear down. They may even wear to the point that the edges look ragged and jagged. The teeth slowly get shorter to the point that it may appear that we don't have teeth at all when we speak and smile like the photo below.

Also, as we age, our teeth darken from absorbing pigments in our food and drink through the cracks that develop in our teeth as you can see from the photo of a tooth below.

When we perform a "Smile Makeover" at Delmarva Dental Services, we can create a "Smile Lift". We accomplish this by first doing a "Smile Analysis that examines the existing smile with a series of photographs. From that we come up with a plan. We can even computer-image the plan to show you the final result before any treatment is initiated. When the treatment is complete, like the photos below, it results in a younger looking smile and a younger looking you.

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