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Gum Surgery

Gum disease (periodontal disease) destroys bone and gum tissue around the tooth. The primary goal of periodontal (gum) surgery is to keep from losing a tooth. This goal is achieved by either replacing some of the lost gum and or bone or by making it easier for the patient to clean their teeth. Replacing missing gum tissue is called gum grafts. Replacing lost bone is called bone grafts. Many times grafts will make it easier for the patient to clean their teeth as well. Another surgical procedure that also makes it easier for oral hygiene is resective surgery. Resect means to cut away. When pockets get too deep the patient cannot reach the bacteria at the bottom, so removing some of the gum and recontouring the bone creates better access.

The majority of the time Delmarva Dental Services performs nonsurgical gum treatment and medications as the primary treatment for periodontal disease. The deeper the pockets and the more bony craters present, the more likely periodontal surgery will be needed as well. Our patients will receive a thorough examination and treatment plan as well as alternatives prior to initiating any treatment. Delmarva Dental Services also reevaluates results and modifies treatment as situations change.
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