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TV Review: Scrubs

The cast of "Scrubs." The cast of "Scrubs."


In its eighth season premiere, this show wasn't on five minutes before it was referencing programs on its new network ABC, having spent the past seven seasons on NBC.

Being on a new network hasn't changed the show. It's still as hilarious as ever. JD's narrations are part pathetic, part silly, and, during the show's halfway point, they're part poignant, still shining examples of good TV writing.

As the episode, entitled "My Jerks," played out, we saw the comical doctors at the fictitious Sacred Heart Hospital are still very much the same.

Turk is still an adolescent surgeon. Elliot is still whiny and self-involved even to her ex-fiancé. Carla is still a no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is nurse. Ted is still a sad sack lawyer and a human Eeyore, and the nameless janitor is still the hospital bully.

The second episode of the eighth season, which followed on the Jan. 6 premiere, was entitled "My Last Words." It involved JD and Turk's romance, as well as JD's personal interaction with a dying patient.

But, the first episode introduced several people who will most likely live through most of the season. JD has a new crop of interns that he has to train. They boast some interesting personalities, including one who's internet-obsessed, another who's a know-it-all, and one who has no bedside manner.

Besides learning that Turk is one-eighth Japanese, we also learn that because of his new interns JD is more like Dr. Cox than Dr. Cox would like to admit.

Joining the cast for three episodes was Courteney Cox. Fresh off her cancelled cable series Dirt, she played Dr. Maddox, the new chief of staff, replacing Dr. Kelso, and who JD described in the second episode as "super-friendly and soul-less."

In Dirt, Cox abandoned her comedy roots and her lasting image from the hit NBC series Friends for something sexier and more dramatic. Here, she proves she can be both funny and sexy. She certainly reminds us all why she has sex appeal, with her slow-mo hair in the wind, but also that she has the chops to handle the silly slapstick humor and rapid visual puns of this medical comedy.

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