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Diet Tips from Dr. Sofronski

(This section is intended only for the bariatric patient who is able to tolerate a regular, bariatric diet. You must clear this with Dr. Sofronski prior to following these recommendations.)


  1. Drink at least 64 oz’s of water a day if not more. You can have as much water as you want, just always remember to sip slowly.
  2. You may only have zero calorie beverages; water, Crystal Lite, diet soda, etc. Always be calorie conscious!
  3. Drink your beverage before you begin your meal.
  4. Eat your protein next. Afterwards, you may have your vegetables and then maybe a starch if your diet allows.
  5. Do not eat after 8 p.m. If you get hungry, sip an 8 oz glass of water slowly and turn out the lights. Bedtime!
  6. No fluid until 60 minutes after your last meal
  7. I suggest using non-fat cooking spray when cooking. A little bit of olive oil is OK but never more than a teaspoon.
  8. Only slow burning carbohydrates…whole wheat breads or pasta, potatoes (sweet potatoes are OK), and brown rice. Small portions only!
  9. Always read the labels of what you eat. Know your calories and protein/fat/carbohydrate content. Refer to your Harriet Ross calorie manual if you’re uncertain.
  1. Drink an 8 oz glass of water as soon as you wake up. Remember to drink this slowly.
  2. Go about your morning routine. Carry another 8 oz glass of water with you and take small sips until it is finished.
  3. Prepare your breakfast and finish it before 9 a.m. (a good habit is to decide on your breakfast the evening before and set aside everything that is necessary).
  4. Remember!...protein is the most important since it allows you to maintain your muscle mass, while also supplying the necessary amino acids for normal cellular turnover.
  5. Learn to eat dinner items for breakfast such as chicken, fish, etc. Eggs are good but not the yolks. An egg white is only 20 calories and is a great source of protein. Fry the egg whites in a pan with non-fat cooking spray.
  6. Have a slice of whole wheat bread and a piece of fruit. Yummy!
A.M. Snack
  1. Protein shake... I like the chocolate flavored American Whey. 1 scoop contains 20 grams of protein and 4 grams of carbohydrates. It tastes great. Mix in 8 oz of water and sip slowly.
  2. Protein Bar... NitroTech is my favorite, especially the chocolate, peanut butter crunch. It contains 35 grams of protein and 6 grams of carbohydrate. Remember! is 290 calories, so if you like this supplement, decrease your protein intake during lunch. This way, you won’t exceed the calorie requirements as outlined in your personalized diet. Also, you must eat these VERY slowly. It may take over an hour and don’t forget to drink 8 oz of water before you begin the NitroTech bar. Don’t drink the protein shake if you decide to eat the protein bar. Watch your calories!
  1. Instead of two slices of bread, use one low fat tortilla... Saves about 90 calories!
  2. Mustard is OK; eat as much as you want. No ketchup or mayonnaise (don’t listen to advertising that says low fat or non fat. It’s still is wasted calories!
  3. Tuna fish, sliced turkey, roast beef are great.
  4. Pizza is fine, but only 1-2 slices
  5. Vegetables are a must. Get enough greens. I like to sauté broccoli, mushrooms and onions with a little olive oil, Mrs. Dash and Lowry’s salt. Use non-fat cooking spray to cook the veggies. A great side dish!
P.M. Snack
  1. Same as A.M. snack above.
  1. Drink your beverages first!
  2. Eat your protein next.
  3. Eat your vegetables after the protein.
  4. Starch, if any, should always be last.
  5. I like to make chicken cutlets by dipping them in water and covering with Progresso bread crumbs. I then fry them in a pan with non fat cooking spray. A single chicken breast cut it in half and covered with Progresso bread crumbs is only 75 calories when fried with non fat cooking spray. The bread crumbs are also your source of carbohydrates. Salt to taste!
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