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Often times, many of our patients utilize compounding for various reasons.  Some patients use Community Pharmacy Compounding to formulate their specific medication into easier in-take forms.  For example, some pills are fairly large and difficult for many people to swallow, especially the elderly and young children.  So, Community Pharmacy takes the large-form of the drug and can often times generate it into a powder-form to be inserted into tiny gel-like capsules.

Our Compounding Pharmacists are also able to sometimes take the same chemical makeup of a large pill and re-fabricate it into a liquid-form.  Moreover, for patients that have a tough time swallowing any medication, Community Pharmacy can sometimes make topical ointments that are lotion-like, to be applied directly on the skin. 

Have allergies to certain ingredients or different types of dyes used in medications?  No worries!  Compounding allows pharmacists the ability to extract certain characteristics of a drug that might be harmful to your health.

We also have the ability to implement tasty flavors for medications such as cherry, orange, and bubble gum. Understanding that compounding is a new concept to many in the public, please do not hesitate to call us at (410) 749-1899 with any questions or concerns on how we can possibly serve you via means of compounding.

Compounding is a new concept that has truly taken off in the animal world allowing pet owners and veterinarians the ability to complement their pet's health with better-suited medications geared towards supporting each animal's specific needs and easier means to dispense those medications.

In the old days, finding a perfect medication for an animal was hard to come by.  If you had a younger dog with bone break-down progression, medication could be administered to subdue the pain, but it would also make the dog drowsy.  This might be ok if it's an older dog, but what if it's a younger dog with a lot of play left in those bones once the pain subsides with medication?

Now, Community Pharmacy is able to extract certain components of medicines to treat the symptom without all of the extra chemicals that cause unnecessary and unwanted side effects or allergic reactions.

Moreover, we all have had those "stubborn" silly pets that just do not want to take their medicine no matter what you try!   A recent study has shown that if the elderly were able to better administer medications to their beloved pets, the success rate of keeping their animal's health in good standard would significantly increase.  Far too often, the fight is just not worth the struggle, especially to the elderly, and pets often go without the medication prescribed by their veterinarians.

Community Pharmacy is able to compound topical ointments applied easily to the skin of an animal and yummy delectable treats with irresistible flavors such as chicken, liver, beef, and even fish!  We are also able to alter medications into greater or lesser strengths for larger and smaller breeds.

In addition, Community Pharmacy regularly re-creates medications that are on backorder by taking their original element form and combining them to create that particular backordered drug.

Your client success is our success!  We look forward to keeping the tails wagging for the four legged friends you cherish!  For more information, please do not hesitate to call us at (410) 749-1899!

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