Vandals Target Seaford Church

SEAFORD, Del. - Angry, frustrated, and deflated. Those are just three of the words used by members of the Seaford Presbyterian Church to describe the recent acts of vandalism against their church. For four days in a row, vandals have used rocks and sticks to break windows. On Tuesday afternoon, WBOC counted 25 shattered windows. 

"Great sadness," said the Rev. Laurie Hiller. "For what would motivate someone to feel like they need to do this." 

Hiller said the first incident occurred on Saturday morning, when an alarm was sounded just after 3 a.m. When police responded, Hiller said that "young people" scattered from the scene, leaving dozens of windows shattered. The congregation at first thought that the destruction was over, but for each of the next three mornings, windows were once again targeted and broken.

"It almost feels like walking through a dream," said Hiller. "Why would this happen? How could this happen? Why would someone do this?" 

 Lt. Richard Jamison of the Seaford Police Department said the department is investigating the incidents, although no arrests or suspects have been reported.

Jamison said officers are running patrols intermittently, although he said it is difficult to prevent these actions because it is hard to predict when suspects may return to the church. 

On Tuesday morning church member Jack Merkley was fixing up windows. He said that it was upsetting to see people targeting a house of God. 

"To me it's a statement," he said. "Of maybe what's happening in society. I kind of feel like a church is a special place. And when it receives damage, I think something is missing in society."

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