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Atlantic Tactical Firearms Training

At Atlantic Tactical Firearms Training (ATFT), we continue to provide world class instruction, training and NRA Certification for anyone seeking to qualify for their concealed weapons permit. ATFT is the trainer of trainers. Our instructors have over 100 years of combined experience including, but not limited to State Police, S.W.A.T. and civilian firearms training. ATFT staff hold multidisciplinary professional backgrounds including teachers, nurses, attorneys and both former and active military. Whether novice or marksman we have an NRA approved course that will fit your needs perfectly. With a state of the art simulator providing interactive scenarios for training, the ATFT training facility located in Salisbury, MD provides real world self-defense courses including armed and unarmed combat. Training courses are safe, fun and extremely valuable, empowering individuals to defend themselves and protect their families safely.


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Maryland’s rules on Concealed Carry Permits have changed. With the ruling of the Supreme Court this year, Maryland has been forced to issue permits to anyone who has a clean background and completes the required training. This change in law makes choosing the right training facility more important than ever. With the potential for an increase in individuals seeking required training there are alot of startups and fly by night operations popping up that may not be following the law. Students who do not attend proper training per state guidelines risk not only permit denial or revocation, but also civil liability. ATFT has been established for nearly a decade and has a proven track record. ATFT is one of the only facilities in the region providing training for Maryland as well as multiple other states including Arizona, Utah, Florida, Delaware, DC and Virginia. With multiple former law enforcement officers, NRA Instructors, USCCA Instructors, educators, and attorneys on staff, ATFT is the obvious choice for training and certification.

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At Atlantic Tactical Firearms Trainers we believe that shooting can be enjoyed by everyone for sport. Furthermore, we also believe that everyone should have the opportunity to obtain training to be able to defend themselves. Women have an increasing presence in the firearms community. ATFT wants to ensure that we can provide opportunities for training to encourage more women to feel confident protecting themselves. ATFT has developed women only training courses to provide training to individuals who have the desire to learn about firearms but are apprehensive to attend traditional classes. ATFT provides training specifically for women in a friendly, ladies only environment taught exclusively by female instructors.

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1305 S. Division St. # 60,
Salisbury, MD 21804

Phone: 410-546-0003
Email: rs@atftrainers.c