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Daffodils are coming into bloom!  Today at 5, Ginny Rosenkranz is with us showing off some colorful floral friends.

It's a local run benefitting kids and animals.  We're learning more about the annual Tim Kennard River Run.

Speaking of rivers, "Big River!"  It's the latest musical by the Possum Point Players, who are celebrating their 50th year, we're getting a preview.

And it's a pot full of cheese, spices, corn and crab.  Jason Lee is in the DelmarvaLife kitchen  whipping up his Crab Mac & Cheese.

We're discussing bariatric surgery options with Tidalhealth's Dr. Reshmi Udesh and the kinds of post and pre-care procedures that go along with it.

Mr. Food is in the test kitchen making this luscious, tangy, and buttery-lemon-filled Lemon Chess Pie that will make you want to add a second piece to your plate. 

Join us for DelmarvaLife today at 5.

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