BERLIN, Md.- The Maryland State Highway administration is decreasing the speed limit on Gray's Corner Road from 50 miles per hour to 40. Two people have died as a result of hit and runs on Gray's Corner Road. 14 year old Gavin Knupp was killed in July. In October, Terri Wattay was killed by a hit and run when walking her dog. Gavin Knupp's mother Tiffany Knupp tells WBOC she is pleased with the changes.  

"With adding the lights, making this a double line instead of a passing zone, lowering the speed to 40 miles per hour within the last few months has been absolutely amazing," said Knupp. "It's definitely a step in the right direction to make this road a little safer to try and save a couple more lives." 

Knupp says her family is staying strong. 

"We're doing good right now. Every day is different. Every hour is different. We're focusing right now on grieving Gavin," said Knupp. 

In a statement to WBOC, Worcester County Sheriff Matt Crisafulli said, "There are always ways to increase public safety. On our roadways, whether it’s a state road like Grays Corner, or a county road, the reduction in speed is one component. I implore everyone to use due diligence when they’re operating a motor vehicle they have to watch their speed and make sure they are not utilizing cellular devices while operating motor vehicles. Additional enforcement efforts combined with signage and education would increase public safety. I encourage everyone to also remember that public safety is everyone’s responsibility." 


"It can't hurt... but the lighting is also bad on this road. its always a short cut for people who have lived here

"It blows my mind, the amount of support that we have, and the efforts that everyone is putting forth.. it just shows that there is actually good people out there"

<"Don't use this as a short cut. You know if this meant for a service road and us as locals have always used it. So it's just, slow down, be cautious of cars on the side of the road and just be mindful of your surroundings">

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