Forecast Updated on Thursday, January 11, 2024, at 4:05am by WBOC Meteorologist Mike Lichniak.

Today: Partly to mostly sunny. Highs: 45-52. Winds: SW 5-15 mph.

Tonight: Mostly clear. Lows: 30-37. Winds: SW-N 5-15 mph. 

Friday: Increasing clouds throughout the day with windy conditions developing. Rain chances go up into the evening and overnight period. Highs: 55-60. Winds: NE-SE 15-40+ mph.

Friday Night: Periods of rain and even a few thunderstorms possible. Blustery. Lows: 55-65. Winds: S-SW 25-50+ mph. 

Saturday: Partly to mostly cloudy and windy. Highs: 52-58, temperatures fall all day long. Winds: NW 15-40+ mph.

Sunday: Partly to mostly sunny. Highs: 40-46. Winds: NW 5-20+ mph.

A very active weather pattern is setting up for Delmarva over the next two weeks which will have us going up and down in temperatures with several chances for precipitation.

The cold start leads to a nice and seasonable day today with high temperatures reaching the 40s and 50s once again on a breeze from the west and southwest. Into the weekend, another storm with rain and windy conditions looks to move across Delmarva late Friday into early Saturday. This storm has started to take some of the same characteristics as the storm we just saw on Tuesday night, so we should pay attention to it a bit more. The storm will still bring some wind gusts over 40-55+ mph possible and another half inch to one inch of rain on average across Delmarva. This will lead to an extremely warm start to Saturday before temperatures tumble all day long with colder air coming to rush into the region.

Sunday will be a dry and breezy day with temperatures much colder…in the mid 40s. Monday remains dry, but the clouds will be on the increase ahead of another storm that will be into the region by Tuesday into Wednesday. This storm we will be paying attention to since it will be playing with the coldest air of the season screaming in behind it. A chance of snow will be there if the low can be pushed far enough south and east before it starts to develop on our coastline. Stay tuned as we fine tune the forecast into early next week.

As the colder air settles into the region, another blast of even colder air comes into the area and could spin up another storm for late next week.

Please have patience with the weather department for the next 10-14 days.

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